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  • December, 2013
    • Bismayah New City Site near Town-A


      Construction of Concrete Gallery Network is ongoing and more than 450 construction equipments are carrying out the city infrastructure task and land development over the Bismayah New City Site.

      Bismayah New City Site
    • PHC Pile Production


      Hanwha E&C started production of PHC (Pre-stressed High-strength Concrete) pile inside of Bismayah Plant Complex. This is the first PHC pile production in the Middle East.

      These piles are exclusively used for making foundation of the housing buildings.

      The way of production of these long and strong piles passing through several stages.

      Starting from the first process of forming rebar in the shape of column, secondly filling the mold with the concrete and spinning it rapidly to get high strength. Finally these piles will be ageing by the steam.

      PHC Pile Production
    • PHC Pile driving


      First PHC Pile-driving has been done in Town-A of 1st delivery site as the first step of historical Bismayah housing unit construction.

      PHC Pile driving
    • Housing Site(Town-A) Development


      Town-A, the 1st delivery site, is almost ready to start construction of Housing Buildings.

      Pile driving will begin in this land as scheduled, and all housing units will be delivered as promised.


      Housing Site(Town-A) Development
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