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  • November, 2013
    •  Sandwich Wall Plant


      Hanwha started to install Equipment and machinery in Sandwich Wall Plant. These equipment and machinery are made in Finland by Elematic, who is known around the world as a strong and respected developer of precast technology.

      Sandwich Wall Plant is one of the major factories that compose PC Plant for Bismayah New City and invested by Hanwha for the reconstruction of IRAQ. Sandwich wall means a type of Precast Concrete Wall that consists of 2 concrete panels bonded to a non-concrete core like an insulation material. This superior insulated wall technoloty is designed to keep out the heat during the Summer and keep out the cold in the Winter.

      Sandwich Wall Plant
    • PHC Pile Plant


      Overhead cranes are being installed in PHC Pile Plant. These cranes will move Big PHC Piles and other heavy construction materials automatically.

      PHC Pile Plant is one of the most important factories invested by Hanwha for the reconstruction of IRAQ. This plant will produce a number of PHC(Pretensioned spun High strength Concrete) Piles for Housing construction.

      PHC Pile Plant
    • Concrete Gallery Network


      Hanwha is covering the core utilities with concrete wall. This construction needs perfect waterproof, protection from electric leakage, and solid system form to make concrete tunnel. When a section of Concrete Gallery network is completed, the ground would be filled with soil to be flat. Hanwha continues this process until finishing all underground networks of Bismayah New City. Finally on this area, large road of 6~8 lanes will be constructed.

      Concrete Gallery Network means huge Underground facilities within the concrete walls for public utilities like Electricity & Communication lines. The length of this network is expected to reach 20,000m.

      Concrete Gallery Network
    • Pipeline and Manhole


      Near the Housing Site, Many Pipes and manholes are being putted under the ground. This pipeline will deliver clean water to each housing units and transport sewage and rain water.

      Pipeline and Manhole
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