Contract Process

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STEP 1 : ApplicationGO TO Bismayah New City Application Site

  Process Notes on Signing Contract
On-line Application
Visit Sales Center
1.  Log-in to Application Site
Priority to make the payment in cash shall have the right to choose the housing unit and floor, and according to the rates of 100% and 50%, with retention of the payment of the 25% reduced to 10% the right to choose the apartment.
2.  Fill out On-line Application
3.  Submit the Application On-line
     (Also Available in Sales Center)

STEP 2 : Make a Down Payment

After Application, The buyers can make a Down Payment in advance of signing the contract.

Available Banks : Rafidain Bank / Saddoun Branch, Rasheed Bank / Salihiya Branch and all TBI branches

STEP 3 : Contract

Visit Sales Center & sign the contract You are a New citizen of Bismayah New City Now

Required Documents

  Required Documents
Primary Purchaser Civil Status identity and nationality certificate and other official archives
On-Line Registration Number
Receipt for Down payment
Certificate of Employment
Proved Documents for Priority
(Disable persons, National Merits, Year of services, Retired persons)
Deputy All the Representations of Primary Purchaser consider as Third Party
(include spouse and direct family members) and require to present :
A power of attorney from the main buyer certified by a notary (if the citizen resident in Iraq). For people living abroad and wishing to register for the residential units they have to send the power of attorney certified by the Iraqi Embassy in that country of residence and the Iraqi Ministry of foreign affairs.