• Official website for Bismayah New City Project Open!15-Apr-2013

    Official website for Bismayah New City Project Open!


    NIC and Hanwha E&C opened the official website for our BNCP project on April 15th, 2013.

    The overview of Bismayah New City and necessary information for our customers, Investers, visitors and press are updated. New website also provides the latest site photos and movies.
    Arabic version website is also in progress, and will open by the end of May.


    Please remember the site address,


    For more detailed information, please visit Sales Center in Baghdad International Fair,
    or Call us : 1552

  • Announcement : Reduction of BNCP housing units down payment from 25% to 10%01-Jan-2013




    At the request of the citizens with limited income, the NIC announces a reduction in BNCP housing units down payment from (25%) to (10%) for those who are willing to pay as of Jan 2, 2012 and shall be valid for six months, while persons who have paid 25% reserve the right to choose the location of the apartment.


    The NIC also announces that Hanwha E&C has already started work on Bismayah Project site and received the amount of the first installment (10%) of the total value of the project.


    It is remarkable to say that payment shall be paid in Iraqi Dinar or US Dollar, with the official exchange rate announced by Central Bank of Iraq in Rasheed Bank / Salihiya Branch, all TBI branches, and Rafidain Bank Branches as described below:


    Karkh Branch

    Rasafa Branch

    Hay ElArabbi /120/ Mansour Near Kabbab Zarzur Restaurant

    Falasteen Str./ 176/ Near Turkumeni Club

    Hay Khadra/ 177

    Bab ElSharqee/ 62/ Opposite to Tunnel

    Hay Mareefa / 355

    Hay Wihda/167/ Beginning of Sina’a Street

    Buratha / 267/ Opposite to Karkh Hospital

    Alweeya / 24

    Kadhimiyah / 22/ Bab ElQibla

    Qaseer ElAbiyadh/ 31/ Near SameerAmees Hotel.


    For more information and signing contracts, kindly visit the Sales Center at Baghdad International Fair - Hall No.18, all the days except Friday, from 09:00 am to 18:00 pm